Hurricane Warriors
1961 NU-CARD
The 1961 Nu-Card set of 80 standard-size cards features college players. One odd feature of the set is that the card numbers start with the number 101. This is the one of the first sets with college players and include 2 players from the U.

#107 Eddie Johns

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#175 Bill Miller

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Image: Player: Set: Card #: Serial #: Attributes: Qty:
Eddie Johns Eddie Johns 1961 Nu-Card 107 RC 3
Bill Miller Bill Miller 1961 Nu-Card 175 3

Key: AU=Autographed, CLG=Collegiate, ERR=Error, HDS=Hand Signed, INS=Insert, JSY=Jersey, MEM=Memorabilia, PSA=PSA Graded,  RC=Rookie Card, S#=Serial Numbered