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Russell Maryland

Russell Maryland

Player: Russell Maryland
Set: 1991 Score
Year: 1991
Card #: 565A
Serial #:
Attributes: HDS RC ERR
Category: Football
Qty: 1
Manufacturer: Pinnacle/Score

1991 Score #565A Russell Maryland ERR RC/(No Highlight Line) Auto

The 1991 Score set consists of two series of 345 and 341 for a total of 686 standard size cards. Factory sets include four Super Bowl cards (B1-B4) for a total of 690. Cards were issued in 16-card packs. Subsets include 1991 Rookies (311-319/564-589/591-596/598-612/ 614-616), the players who had plays which resulted in 90 or more yards (320-328), Top Leaders (329-330/662-669), Dream Team (331-345/676-686), Team MVP’s (620-647), Crunch Crew (648-654), Sack Attack (655-661), 1991 Hall of Fame (670-674). As part of a promotion, the 11 offensive Dream Team members each signed 500 of their cards. Of this total, 5,478 were randomly inserted in second series packs and 22 were given away in a mail-in sweepstakes. Rookie Cards include Mike Croel, Ricky Ervins, Brett Favre, Alvin Harper, Herman Moore, Mike Pritchard, Jake Reed, Ricky Watters and Harvey Williams.

Team(s): Cowboys

Key: AU=Autographed, CLG=Collegiate, ERR=Error, HDS=Hand Signed, INS=Insert, JSY=Jersey, MEM=Memorabilia, PSA=PSA Graded,  RC=Rookie Card, S#=Serial Numbered