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Craig Erickson

Craig Erickson

Player: Craig Erickson
Set: 1991 Wild Card Draft
Year: 1991
Card #: 63
Serial #:
Category: Football
Qty: 1
Manufacturer: Wild Card

1991 Wild Card Draft #63 Craig Erickson

The Wild Card College Football Draft Picks set contains 160 cards measuring the standard size. Reportedly, production quantities were limited to 20,000 numbered cases (or 630,000 sets). The front design features glossy color action player photos on a black card face with an orange frame around the picture and different color numbers appearing in the top and right borders. The words “1st edition” in a circular emblem overlay the lower left corner of the picture. One of out every 100 cards is “wild,” with a numbered stripe to indicate how many cards it can be redeemed for. There are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 1000 denominations, with the highest numbers the scarcest. Whatever the “wild” number, the card could be redeemed for that number of regular cards of the same player (plus a redemption fee of $4.95). The set included three surprise wild cards (#1, #15, and #22). If these cards were redeemed before April 30, 1992, the collector received three cards to complete the set (listed below as B versions) and a bonus set of six 1992 collegiate football prototype cards. Collectors who redeemed their cards after April 30 did not receive the prototype cards.


Team(s): Hurricanes
Key: AU=Autographed, CLG=Collegiate, ERR=Error, HDS=Hand Signed, INS=Insert, JSY=Jersey, MEM=Memorabilia, PSA=PSA Graded,  RC=Rookie Card, S#=Serial Numbered